How to Measure your Room

How to Measure for Your Furniture Delivery

Before choosing furniture, consider the windows, closets, heating vents and electrical outlets in the room. Does a door open into the space? Next, measure the perimeter of the room and draw a simple floor plan to plot your furniture placement. In addition to each room's standard furnishings, you'll want to plan for other items such as ottomans and occasional tables.

Measure your Television and Media Equipment

Measure your television and other components you would like to place in or on your furniture. Purchase your television before your furniture and measure outside dimensions for width, depth and height.

Measure for Delivery

Once you've selected your new furniture, it is important to be sure it can be delivered through all entryways, elevators and stairways. Measure the height and width of your entryway, including elevators and interiors. Use the furniture measurements to determine whether or not you will need to bring the furniture straight in, at an angle or on end. Make sure there is a clear, unobstructed path in front of and beyond each doorway. Make note of any light fixtures, decorative mouldings, walls, ceiling heights, stairwells and banisters that may pose a problem once furniture is inside. We can suggest products that are available in two pieces for easier delivery.

We are Here to Help

Our staff will assist you with your space requirements. Bring us your room dimensions and we’ll help you find the perfect piece of furniture.